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Passive Key Not Detected

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I own a 2006 Ford Focus sport (56 plate).

It has a keyless entry / ignition system.

The other day, I approached my car as normal, and the car would not unlock despite being in close proximity. I was required to use the unlock button on the fob to gain entry which is unusual. I then sat in the drivers seat and tried to turn the keyless ignition stalk however the stalk would not turn and there was a message on the dash board 'PASSIVE KEY NOT DETECTED'. I then had to remove the key from the fob and use the ignition manually.

I considered that the particular key may have a low battery, or a broken battery so tried my spare which is rarely used- however it did not work.

I then tried to reprogram the keys to no avail.

The ignition system was replaced a year ago, due to a battery drain which was wrongly diagnosed by a ford dealership at around £500!

I was considering replacing the batteries in both keys, however it seemed strange how they both don't work.. So it would seem to be a sensor on the car perhaps?!

Any advice would be greatly received as I am looking to sell this car soon- other than that it is a perfect car.



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hi, does the remote central locking work if you push the unlock/lock button on the remote?

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That kinda rules out some ideas, maybe worth a check but you can apparently turn off the key free system from your instrument cluster. Scroll through the cluster menu with the ignition on and you should find it some were in there. iv never looked my self but it is meant to be possible.let me no

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I turned off the key system in settings, however it didnt work.

I went to use my car this morning, and the battery was dead- which is where this whole saga stared, i have booked it into my local ford dealership which sadly is full of muppets so doubtful they will ever truly resolve the situation.

It has been in 4 times over the last year with a battery drain,

first it was diagnosed as faulty radio- so was disconnected but continued to drain.

secondly it was diagnosed as having loose battery points, but continued to drain.

thirdly it was diagnosed as the keyless lock system which was replaced, but continued to drain

fourthly it was the battery as it was lead based one when it should be calcium. It didnt drain as quick but still after 6 months it drained!

I wonder if the keyless system is draining my battery?


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I did read somewhere that if cars fitted with the keyless system are left unlocked for long periods of time they will drain the battery as the system is always active and awaiting a signal.

Is the car always locked or is it kept in a garage unlocked?

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the car is locked as it is left on a drive over night or at work..

It is very confusing!

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There are different lock systems in different cars. They can be locked & unlocked easily but in some cars, this system is complex & asks for code.

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