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Focus St/rs Replacement Xenon Bulbs

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Ok folks a few months back I bought myself a set of st/rs headlights with the factory fitted xenons. Prior to that I had 6000k hids fitted all round. Now my problem is that the xenons dont match the fogs and im wondering can 6000k xenon bulbs be got for them. Ive asked in two nearby ford garages and both have said that theres nothin out there like that to be got. However Ive come across what seems to be exactly what im looking for but im not sure. Anyone on here done anything like this or know anyone who has?

Heres a link to the bulbs ive found: http://www.ppcgb.com/D2S-HID-Xenon-OE-Replacement-Bulbs-6000k-8000k/prod13692/

This is a few pics of what the car lights were like and how they are now

This is what it was like with hids all round


See the difference between the two


Image at night with xenons and hid fogs


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I have MK2 Focus and have HID all round. Black ST Xenon Headlights fitted, however they have D1S bulbs, so I bought 6000K D1S bulbs from ebay and matched the same 6000K H8 for fog light.

You need to open the back cover of your headlight and check if they are D1S or D2S, and then you can order them from eBay as they are really cheap in eBay, Factory bulbs are not 6000K, they are 4300K and that's why the colour doesn't match. Search in google image for D1S and D2S and you will see the difference between D1S and D2S. Once you are sure, you can order the correct one.

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Cheers mate for that. Didnt want to go poking at the headlight unit and maybe break something lol

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Really easy to take the headlights off and back cover off, just one screw and few clips.

Take extra time and care if you need to remove the cable connector.

Place a tower underneath the headlight when pushing back the clips of back cover during refitting.

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Its not removing the headlight thats the problem. It was when i opened the cover to see the contraption inside that i felt nervous messing with but found thats its very easy to take the bulb out. Its the D1S bulb that ive got so will be gettin them ordered in next few days

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