Putting Pannels Off A Focus Rs Mk7 Onto A Fiesta Mk7

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can anybody give me some help or advice how i can put pannels off a focus rs mk7 on a fiesta mk7 to make it look better ive seen a few pictures of fiestas with it done i just wondered how and where you got the parts from as it looks really smart

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First of all, welcome to FOC.

Can you show us this pictures in question? There have been a lot of photoshops on the web of supposed Fiesta ST/RS concepts - some by your man on the street and some by motoring mags that enjoy making stuff up - most using the rear diffuser and spoiler from the RS Focus, but I've never heard of anyone getting actual body panels from an RS onto a Mk7. The idea doesn't seem to fit to me, the cars are so different.

There's this tragedy...(not the front wheels, one is turned, the other isn't


This better effort...


And there's the WRC Fiesta but I'm not sure it shares parts with the Focus RS...


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