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Rattling And Radio Trouble

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I have another couple of issues with my focus at the minute, it's the mk1 facelift and has over the last couple of months developed a rather annoying rattling noise which is coming from within the dashboard area, me hitting it to try and stop the rattling probably hasn't helped but has anyone got an idea of how to stop it, i am a novice when it comes to car maintenance so is it something i would be able to fix or would it need somebody to do it for me. Also i am having problems with the stereo as well, the cd player works perfect but when it is in radio mode, the transmissions are either extremely crackled or there is no transmission at all even though the stereo display is showing that it is tuned in to a radio station. Any help would be appreciated.


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Perhaps the aerial lead has become detatched from the rear of the stereo?

This could be what's making the rattling noise, and would also explain the loss of radio reception.

Worth checking out!

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Was thinking along the same lines too.

Don't you just hate annoying rattles and intermittent faults.

My work car rattles like hell due to a double dog carrier in the rear plus all the other crap i have to carry.

Personal car is like a summers breeze in comparison.

Would be even happier if i hadn't got a puncture a half hour after coming on duty.

Not allowed to change them ourselves, have to call RAC to do it - something to do with insurance apparently.

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Some 8 months on and 1st problem has gone away, whatever it was that was rattling has stopped, however the radio is still not working. I have had the radio unit out and the aerial was still plugged into the back and not loose, any other suggestions, only thing i could think of would be to change the aerial on the roof.

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