Jobs Done Over The Winter So Far..

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ok so iv had a bit of time off over the winter and decided to do a few things to the van the wife says iv spent more time with me van then thinking of her xmas present lol ..

so far iv wired a split charge relay to a 2nd leisure battery in the back to run work lights and 240 inverter and a couple of amps . two sub boxes are made and roughly painted . the 2 6x9s are in above my head in a ported box /panel above the compartment bulkhead every panel in the back has been treated to a bead of silicone wher it meets the framing to help stop nasty panel vibration with the bass.. will upload sum photos and vids tomorrow

thing iv noticed with the difference between a mk6 55d and a mk5 van is build quality .. this one has no nose matting any where where as the mk5 i had had it on the inside of the front compartment and up to the line above the wheel arches in the back which made a hell of a difference in road noise and panel vibration

next thing is to replace the diesel tank as the dam thing split round the center seem and im losing diesel .

and replace the disks drums and pads as there all pritty worn..for the mot next month..

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getting there ...getting there .. got 2 10" subs in the back doors now ..paneled and fibre glassed+ painted .. just need a shed load of that expensive dead matting to stop pannel vibration lol

also just wired in leds on the back .for stop and ail lights will defo take sum picks today .. looks awesome and no one can ever say they didnt c me lol

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yeh not botherd any more by bhp and waisting fuel its the endura 1.8d .. or 55d non turbo 60mph 45mpg ish dep on carrying waight

ill put sum more photos up tomorow and a vid with the i.c.e on in daylight . jst added a fiesta bottom bumper upside down under my own standard bumper a lot of chopping and glue but it looks canny .even better when i get the 5" wella spots in..

+ghia chrome grill inc white leds..

the amps are now cooled by two 3" fans .whitch is now all hidden behind nice shiny white plastic

got anothe rtwo strips of leds but need to dismantle headlamps to fit , just aint got time for this yet..

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