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Can I Wire Angel Light Fogs To Side/main Beam?


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As my original Ford Ranger mk2 Thunder fog lights had lost both lenses and corroded, I purchased a set of Ring Angel Eyes Driving Lamps to replace them. The detailed wiring instructions for the lights can be seen here.

They are supplied with their own loom (see fitting instructions diagram), as it is assumed the lights are being fitted to a vehicle which did not have fog lights previously. As I am merely replacing old lights, I have not used the loom and have simply plugged the lights into the existing plugs.

However, the lights have an additional pair of wires for the 'angel' LED's around their rim. Can I simply wire these into my half and full beam wiring so the 'angel' LED's turn on as soon as the main lights are enabled?

I am unsure about whether it is as simple as this, as the supplied loom has a number of relays and fuses built in. The rear of the lights state that the 'angel' LED's are 12v at 2w. Any advice from someone slightly more car-electrics savvy would be very much appreciated :).

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Thanks for the reply mate. If I only patch into the side-light feed, will they only turn on when I turn the half-beam on? And will they remain on when the full beam is on?

Depending on the answer to the above question, if I want them to work as DRL, wouldn't they need to turn on as soon as the ignition is turned on and not have to wait for the half-beam to be turned on?

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Having done a bit more research about using the 'angel' ring as a DRL, I don't think this would be legal (and would fail an MOT). Ring call these "position lights" which according to this Wikipedia entry (http://en.wikipedia....g#Driving_lamps), is another name for 'side-lights'.

I cannot seem to find a definitive answer for when 'side-lights' should be turned on and off in relation to when the dipped or main beam lights are on? Any idea whether side-lights should legally be turned off when dipped (or high) beam lights are on? So in essence they work as DRL's? And/Or are side-lights allowed to be on during the day?

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There is no law staring when side lights or DRL should be turned on or off.

The only regulations for lights are concerning dipped beam, high beams and fog lights.

High beams - so as not to dazzle other road users.

Fog lights only if visibility is below 50 feet (fog or rain), not for use in snow due to reflected light from road.

Side lights / dipped beams / DRL's can be run at any time as long as not inconveniencing other drivers and are correctly levelled.

Of course dipped must be used at times of darkness (30 minutes before dusk until 30 minutes after dawn, rule of thumb i usually work from - street lights on - headlights on.

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