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engine idle speed


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hi there,,,ive recently bought my partner a little escort 1.4,ive been doing it up a little and come across a problem with the car when its warmed up the idle speed goes up and down,,not as in reving up but as in revs drop low then ok then low then ok??a better explination might be to say that it seems like its going to stall but doesnt it then runs ok then goes to stall but doesnt,,,the revs drop but never as far as to stall,,,iv done the air filter because when i pulled a breather pipe off it ran superb at idle but sucked too much air when i tried to take it on the road and splutterd so assume it has something to do with that area hence the new air filter,,,but to no joy,,ive put new leads on too it has an injection unit but i darcent start on that as basic mechanics is all im capable of,,also 1 more thing i keep getting a lot ov water coming from the exhaust +white smoke,,,but she aint loosing any water?? ive put new oil in and k-seal just incase it was the head gasket going but all seems well and no loss from the water resevoir or gunk in the oil cap although it does have water condensation in the cap(oil).,,,,,, any info would be great, many thanks marty

B)sorry i accidently posted this twice grrrrr i forgot to refresh the page

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