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Hi all

I have a Ford Focus 1.8 diesil hatchback W reg.

Just had it in for an M.O.T. and it has come back with:

All brake pipes to be replaced due to corrosion.

one rear wishbone to be fixed.

two tyres

replace brake pads.

Quote of Garage: £900+

Just wanted to know what other people think of this, as it has come at the wrong time. Just had major surgery and cannot go to another garage to check the costs. Any help would be appreciated.

I am not a genius with cars, but get worried about MOT repairs.

Love the car though and due to my disabilty, it is perfect in every other way for me to drive comfortably.

Kind regards


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If this was from one of the major garages E.G. kwik fit , chemix. be aware they sell these items so its in there intrest to fail and fix . i know from experince. took mine to a small independant garage and he couldnt find any of the faults chemix had metioned and passed my car. the brake pipes lasted a least another 7 yrs i owned the car so a second opinon would be a good idea.

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£900 is way too high. Yeah replacing all the brake pipes is time consuming, but I'd be very surprised if they actually all need replacing. Top whack £350, wishbone probably about £25 off eBay rear brakes £20 2 tyres (std size cos no sizes mentioned) branded £120. Labour for wishbone and brakes 2 hours tops (£70 most back street places) call it around £600 for cash. As stated I'd take it and get it retested somewhere else. Sounds to me like the blokes trying to make a quick buck.

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dont pay that much ive only been doing mechanics in a garage for about half a year and im not even level 1 yet bt i do the jobs you are talking about on a regular basis and its defo not that much

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