Jo Allan

Fuel Hose????

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Is it natural to hear a sound from the fuel hose??? Sounds like... fuel rushing down the hose (i know it sounds stupid); but it's quite loud.

here is the story........was reversing (almost full lock) and it felt like the front left hand side wheel was hitting the curb; so i stopped. Got out the car, looked at the curb and i was not even close to the curb (wierd). Steering went a bit stiff, but seems to be ok now (i hope...MOT tomorrow). Anyhow....went to look at the engine, not that i know what i'm looking at, and started to hear a rushing sound. It seemed to be coming from the fuel pipes.

What do u guys think????? leak?? or is it a natural sound? do you think it's linked to my steering problems.

Slighly worried as i looked on internet and heard stories about fual leaking and fires AHHHHHHHHHHHH.

I can't see a leak nor can i smell one.

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