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Ffitting Jack Under Space Saver Wheel


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hi all, got my first puncture in the focus a while back.

all was fine but i can't seem to get the jack back under the spare wheel (space saver) enough so the wheel sits flat on the bottom.

without the jack its all fine and the boot base/carpet is solid. but if i put the jack under it, one bit of the wheel sits up a bit and you can push it down, hence its not solid or level.

could any one take a photo or explain how its meant to go?!

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no its got to be up enough to fit inside the tyre too much it wont fit too little the support screw wont go in.i cut a piece of thick rubber and taped it heavily top and bottom of the jack so its taught at the correct gap for it to fit in the wheel so i didnt have to make several attempts

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i just spotted this thread now,

ill take a picture in daylight tomorrow and upload it on here for you mate,

i have a full size spare, but the configuration of the jack is the same as yours.

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there are is an arrow and a dot on the jack and you have to wind it down enough so the two points meet? i know i had to do this recently.

you must be jolking theres arrows? ah to hell with it i never use it anyway lol

as mentioned earlier, here's a photo's of what i meant.



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