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Hi all.

this should probably be in the events section but it doesn't seem to be getting any views and time is of the essence really.

I'm looking to put together a Charity event in aid of MAGPAS Helimedix. Their website can be found here;

I was organising a charity golf day to be held in Cambridgeshire but this is looking like it may not go ahead.

I can think of an excellent venue near where i live, in fact there are a great many car/motorbike groups meet there and the place is quite famous for it.

I'm looking to gauge the interest in such an event, it will likely be held on the 15th of April, (Sunday), and will be in Cambridge, just off the M11.

It is open to everybody who wants to come, the idea being that you pay £10 for example when you arrive and all money raised goes to the charity.

Everybody will have the opportunity to show off their motors and have a look at other peoples etc etc.

I will also try and get in touch with as many traders as possible so they can come and show off their products, will also see if the charity themselves can turn up with one of their vehicles.

The volunteers for MAGPAS are actual doctors rather than paramedics so the vehicles they drive are somewhat different from a traditional ambulance.

I will be putting this event to other groups i am a part of.

If you are interested then post a reply or PM me, i know its a bit short notice but if there is enough interest in the next few days then i'll start putting things in concrete.

Many thanks


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Just an update on this.

I have spoken to the venue they are happy for us to go there.

It is a very good place and is famous for motoring and biker groups meeting there.

It is the Comfort Cafe at Fourwentways Services in Abington, Cambridgeshire.

The venue is just off the A11 in Cambridgeshire so is easily accessible for anybody in the surrounding counties.

So far they are 5-6 people interested in coming along so i'll be Contacting them to confirm.

If anybody has any questions or wants to come along just PM me and i'll get back to you.



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