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Car Crash

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post-30935-0-41252500-1334393710_thumb.p after a car crash that was not my fault what are my options to clam or not to claim

as the driver who i rear ended is now not admitting fault so will i have to claim on my own insurance

what will put my premiums up i really don't have a clue and the insurance are not much help i am doing all the leg work IE going to the police ring the petrol station and worrying about it

heres what happened

i was doing 30 to 40 on a clear road and she pulls out of tescos in to the right hand lane then about a yard away she pulls right in front of me with out indicating and i went into the back of her then she drove of like nothing happened my mate got out the car and chased here around the corner i got out the car and looked at the front of my car and there was a wittiness who followed her out of tescos who said i only got the last bit of her reg and it looked like she was going right then pulled right in front of you it was her fault then some woman came round the corner and said shes around here the wittiness got in her car and went around to she her while i was stuck at a red light the wittiness told here what she had done and and the woman who i rear ended was like iam so sorry i have never done any thing like this be four then the wittiness said i would not need here details as she is now admitting fault so now i am screwed as the tescos garage only had the last 3 digits of her number plate and will not cheek any other cams of the wittiness entering the garage post-30935-0-24408600-1334396086_thumb.j

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So sorry to hear about your crash mate!

From what i can tell from what you have wrote, she is the guilty party if she has pulled in front of you and cut you up without indicating then she is the causer of the crash. As of this you should be able to claim off her insurance as it was her fault which shouldn't effect your insurance premiums as you shouldn't be having to claim off your own.

Was you able to get any details from her at all?

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Ask Tescos to place an advert , to try and trace the whitness. Draw up a detailed drawing and event line and send to your insurance , let them fight it out.

the more detail you can add the more chance you have of the claim.

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hi all thanks for your input i dint get any details from here other than here name and phone number and reg

the fact that she dint report the claim until 3 hrs later will this go in my favorer i have reported it to the police and the might look into finding my wittiness

i hope while i was on the phone to the insurance they put me on hold and spoke to here and shes saying that i was speeding and that here maneuver was complete and that she dints see me ummmmmmm if she dint see me how she know if i was speeding and why pull out

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