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6x9s ford puma,


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Just bought 6x9's for the missus, but im not sure where should i put em(going in a puma) , i was going to make stealth shelf but orginal shelf look all curvy to try and match, any ideas where i can find a shelf from, or somewhere else i can put these please?

(apart from the boot just threw in a 12inch compo sub from theloudest.com

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If you want to fit the 6x9's then you would have to get a stealth shelf, there is a company called Auto Accoustics that i know makes them.

Alternativley if you are able i would take those back and look at installing new Speakers into the original mounts of the car i think there 17cm in front and 6x8 in the rear quraters. Personally i think you get a better sound from fitting into standard fixings than you do with 6x9's as you get a more enclosed mounting and with Speakers on the shelf the sound disapears into the boot.

Hope this helps

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