04 Auto Car Wont Start, No Display In Gears, Don't Think It's Battery

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04 plate but only done 16k miles (I don't drive much)

Had trouble in past each year with dead battery usually wintertime but was sure I was on top of that this year

Got in this morning, radio works, heater works, display illuminates but turning ignition and nothing

There is not even any clicking or any noise at all (thats why i think it is not the battery)

The display does not dim when turning ignition and having foot pressed on brake (needed to start auto) the symble of a gear cog with exclamation mark comes on

Also when key turned position 1 the lcd gear display comes on to show display is working but then goes off and then nothing at all in the lcd but i never noticed if this happened when car was ok

I have messed around with gear stick, putting in reverse, neutral numerous times etc but nothing shows on display and no noise at all from engine

Any ideas?


It was indeed the battery, never had one go like this before, everything else worked, central locking, wipers (although a little slowly) lights, radio, air con, etc etc, just nothing at all from starter motor

Battery was only giving out 9v

New battery, quick wiggle of the gear stick and worked like a charm

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