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1.6 Y Reg Focus Q's

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I've a few questions I hope someone can point me in the right direction.

I'll be up front and say I have very little car knowledge - I recently did my own service and will be doing them from now on but that's about as far as I've gotten. I've a few questions so rather than 1 question per post I thought I would just put them all here.

1. I've the usual 3 button remote key but the range on it is pretty naff - it only really works within 1-1.5m of the car, I've replaced the battery but that didn't do much. Would this be down to the remote being old/worn or could I try moving the receiving antenna around for better performance? I thought it was pretty bad and then I used the other half's Fiesta key and that works from >10m away.

2. My rear left (left if sitting in car, is that referred to as offside?) door lock only works when it feels like it with the central locking so most of the time it doesn't unlock but occasionally I'll check that car and the other doors will be locked and this one will still be open. Is this likely to be a mechanical problem and if so where would I begin - bit of WD40 or would it likely need replacing?

3. When I start up my car first thing it revs higher - I've been told this is correct to get the engine warmed up? Usually idles at 750 and will rev to 1000/1250. Just wanted to check that's right but also I sometime get a situation where the engine revs will fall to nearer 500 and then it will rev up to 1000 and fall back down to 500 where it sounds like it struggling and will rev up again - seems like it's dropping too low then over compensating - I did stop and start the engine last time it happened and it was back to its usual steady 750 idle.

4. I still have my non-remote key with blue chip somewhere but can't find it - maybe lost, maybe in one of the many piles of junk in the house. If I can't find it I would like to get an additional remote key and the standard non remote key. From what I've read I need at least two keys to program the transponder and Ford like to charge a fortune for this - can auto locksmiths program the transponder they'll need the existing key and the car to do so? I was thinking of picking up some keys off ebay and then get them cut and programmed via someone local or would I just be as well getting the whole lot of someone local? Does anyone have any prices for this and/or know anyone in the Newcastle/Durham area that will do it for a decent price?

5. I have a squeaking coming from the engine bay that you hear when idling, if you apply the accelerator it will increase with speed and then disappear after a certain speed, someone mentioned it maybe something on the cambelt, pretensioner. According to my Haynes the cambelt should be changed soon, is worth while changing anything else at the same time/is this likely to remove the squeak? Again can anyone give a ballpark figure for such a job?

If there are any of the above that are fairly straightforward I'd like to do them and I'm always keen to learn more, as they say knowledge is power :)

Thanks to anyone having a read - I'm open to suggestions.

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1.the remote is likely old and needing replaced cheap ones on ebay that work well.

2.either theres a sticky lock to spray remove the torq bolt on the side of the door as you open it the top one with that removed attatch the straw to the wd40 and spraying downwards inside the hole you will get the lock mechanism if that doesnt work a new motor is required.

3. the revs are fine but the dropping down to 500 sounds like the pcm needs updated from ford sorry only they can do it but it was a common issue with the early foci mk1 it will recalibrate the settings to prevent the rev drop.

4.the key can only be cloned so they will cut the new keys and clone the transponder to the same frequency as the original local locksmiths can do this some are funny if you dont get keys from them and refuse to cut them find a local mobile cutting service whoi programme car keys they will give you prices for a key cut and programme 80 quid ide say they may do a deal for 2 keys.

5.the squeek could be a belt or the cambelt tensioner it can make a noise when its worn so be careful if that goes you have major engine damage make sure you get a full cambelt kit done not just the belt and better having the water pump done at the same time

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Thanks for the reply artscot and sorry for the delay - I don't seem to be getting email notifications when new messages are posted....

1. I'll pick one of these up - most the time would be quicker popping in the key than all the repeated button presses.

2. Sounds like an easy enough fix, will get to that this weekend.

3. I don't get it very often but will give Ford a ring - if it's pricey I'll stick with a quick key off and on - this shouldn't cause any other issues/damage?

4. If they're just cloning I'll be in the same position now where I can't program the transponder myself as the car will just see them as the same key? Was thinking I might just go to ford then but then I can't see myself suddenly losing all the keys so a clone will probably do.

5. Just to be clear is that the belt, tensioners and water pump or are there more bits in a full cambelt kit?


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I know that the idle RPM's after start can be very high. When I start mine up I get about 1,800RPM untill it settles down to around 790-800 a few minutes later. Somthing to do with warming up the catalytic converter up

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