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I have ford galaxy 54 plate recently it has developed a very strange problem i don't know if any one come across with this.

Ok here is the brief description

'' Some times my boot doesn't open then i have to use my key after that when i start my car rear wiper, reversing lights, back fog lights doesn't work

and there is fog light sign on the dash board which u see when parking lights are on or when i apply breaks but its very dim but when i apply breaks it highlights more like fog lights are on but basically they are not . Now i have noticed that some time the small red light on the door which should come only when i lock the care comes while i am driving the car ''

I have no idea what to do .

Any suggestion will be very help full

Many thanks

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Is it a new shape galaxy or the older vw shape.

Please like me in this Facebook app so I can get online more and help u guy's


Please Pm me with direct questions if u really stuck and carnet get a answer from the forum, i don't always see questions in the forum because I can not get online much.



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54 reg i would say its a mk2,

i would check for breaks in the rear hatch door gaitir,common problem on these cars.

they send everything haywire when they fray/break.

once checked and if all clear see if your break lights are working if not it may need a new break switch,on some versions there are 2.

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