Tom Kaupuz

Ford Galaxy 2.3I 1999 Hand-Break Light Problem

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In the begining I want to say sorry for my english.

So, I have Ford Galaxy 2.3i 1999 DOHC (engine type Y5B). There is a problem with handbreak display light, it's working all the time, all the time anoying with that red light. I tried to disconnect switch which is near to handbreak, but the light still worked. In theory the light should be in the hidden state, because it should work when I'm making signal, which is, when I pull the handbreak, but if the switch is disconnect, then it means - there is no signal. Other thing what I tried, I cleaned that cork where the oil has been filled, because it could show the, for example, low level breaking oil.

I tried more or less everything what came up in my mind. Is there any other solutions, is there anybody else with this kind of problem?

It would be nice, if someone has techincal manual for display, then i can "call" everything from display circuit and find an error.

And other problem is overheating, in the summer it reaches critical zone and all the time fan is working... I read something about it, like there is no space for changing air flows, like on the top there is hood with thermoisolation and at the bottom there is a pan.

Best regards,


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not delt with many galaxys but does your car have a low brake pads warning which could also put the light on.

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Hi,your handbrake light staying on could also be due to a blown bulb(assuming you have a third brake light ie the high level one).

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