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Automatic Headlight Sensor

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Hi guys!

I'm from Slovenia and i like this forum cose it has some usefull information about moding my Ford Focus. I have 2008 1.6 Ti-VCT Ford Focus. It's a sport edition (well not Zetec S model like u have in UK.). My idea is to have a auto lights/wipers, tempomat, mybe xenon next year with arduino self leveling controler. Well that's my wish ;)

To the facts:

First whould like to enable the auto lights in my focus. I bought Auto switch (4M5T-13A024-CA), light/rainj sensor (3S7T-17D547-AB). I have a ELM cable and software so all should be good, but (there is allways but with Ford-s) it's not working.

First a have looked at my auto switch wireing and i think there are all wires that i need. Picture:

IMG 20131117 125711

Then i looked at the connector for sensor in the top of the interior light. There was only one red connector and one black. So i have made a wire to the C98 connector in the PJB. Now the tricky part. The C98 connecor does not have pins so i have opend the PJB and found this:

IMG 20131118 135436

IMG 20131118 135445

Oky..as i found somewhere here it must be connected pin 4,11 and 12. So i have made the connection to the sensor connector:

PJB pins

Then connected the sensor to pins:

Sensor connection

So what am i doing wrong?
I have enabled it in ELMConfig but still not working. Eny ideas guys?

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Have a read of this buddy. I have completed this mod and it has been heavily covered. I think that you are using thrme wrong wires. In this thread I include pictures of the correct connectors going into the sensors n mirror

Read from the start

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Tnx for info. but i have checked all the wiering from sensor to PJB C98 pin 4,11,12. I have 12V on pin1 and ground in pin2 of rain sensor. I checkd that i have connection from C320 pin no. 4 to connector in PJB C103 pin 5.

As i can see from here i think it must be a autolamp relay in my version of PJB that is PJB 7M5T-14A073-BB.

There is only one issue that i'm not sure. That is in the Entire shematics PDF file i found a relay R21 Autolamp relay and it's fitted in PCB. Does this relay must be fited too?

My version of PJB is:

PJB 7M5T-14A073-BB

PJB 7M5T-14A073-BB

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8 hours ago, Dee_82 said:

This weeks biggest bump award goes to Chris with a 2 year, 8 month and 30 days Bump!


Along side the "most pointless reply on a very old thread award".

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