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08 Fiesta Rear Heated Screen Button Stuck In

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Hi All,

I have a quick question. I bought a new Fiesta in June last year and I was sold it with bluetooth, but when it turned up it didn't have it. So after much arguing, I got them to pay for a Parrot system to be fitted foc. This is fine and working ok now.

My problem is that when it was getting closer to winter and getting colder I have gone to use my rear heated screen button and found that it has become 'stuck in'. I went to take it to the dealer and it popped back out again, so I phoned and canceled the appointment. A few weeks later I used it again and it got stuck in, so I phoned up again and booked another appointment. This time I took it in (had to leave it all day!), and they looked at it and said that the reason it was stuck was because a cable from the parrot system was putting pressure on one of the plastic area's inside and this was stopping the button from releasing. They said they adjusted the cable and it was working for about 2 days, then it happened again.

I phoned up to book another visit and they want the car for a full day again and will not give me a courtesy car. I can't go for a day without my car and I need to get this sorted .

So here I am! Can you guys tell me how to remove the bezel area and get at the button workings, so I can sort it out myself! I am technicaly minded and I have plenty of tools, so it should not be a problem for me to do it

Cheers for any help/info you can give me.


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Thank you for the information, I don't know how I missed that on my search! I will phone them again tomorrow and argue for a courtesy car. Anyone know how to remove the bezel though?


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Yup, its a pain the behind.

Mine turns itself off like normal, but thats only if I can get it to turn on because its normaly stuck in! I have however found out that if I pull up the bottom of the panel below the radio (pull VERY hard) then the rear button pops out.

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My '58 reg Fiesta Mk 6 zetec climate had this problem from new, -- cold weather only, and the button would pop out when the dash panel got warmed by the heater, --- ages if you only do short trips. My dealer in Inverness was well acqainted with the problem. A 15 minute job, to remove the panel surrounding the buttons & radio, do a little bit of fine sanding at the bottom of the button's aperture to give a bit of clearance, then refit the panel.

The 220 mile round trip was inconvenient, so I had them check out my notchy/whiny gears at the same time.

Warmer weather & 2000 miles more on the clock has greatly improved the 'box, and the heated-rear-screen button was cured at 1st attempt.

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