Fuse Box Under Bonnet

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hi i went away monday and done all my checks on the focus like all fuses ect and come across this odd looking thing in the fuse box now i moved it to have a good look at it but anyways i then closed everything up and packet the car for my hols i started the car and no errors or anything so as i went to pull away i had no accelatration and stalled so i put my foot back on the pedal and nothing so i opens the bonnent nd got the missus to put her foot on the accel pedal as i moved the od looking wire nd we have lift off now as i got to scotch corner i lost all power and got a dtc error so i check it and it is u0100 mass air flow sensor malfuntion now am stumped and have no idea if tht could be causing the error or if its somthing els

sorry about spelling

thanks Ali

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