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Morning All,

So I am looking to get a small trailer, going to be used mainly fo trips to the tip at the minute while I'm trying to clear the garden after fitting a new kitchen and building an extension on the back of the house!! I figure it'll be cheaper in the long un than hiring a skip plus I'll still have it when everything is done....not looking to spend a fortune maybe up to £150 (cheap as possible really, so it'll most likely be coming from the bay or local classifieds) here is the question!!! Do I go for a steel frame with wooden sides or one of those pressed steel ones?

Anyone have any experience of either/both pro's and cons......(and anyone aound Lincolnshire got one for sale!!)

Thanks all............

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i use a steel frame one with wooden floor and sides. can replace any damaged bits easy enough. very sturdy unlke those cheap pressed metal ones.

never had a metal one though so ive no idea what they are like

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