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Focus Door Lock Stuck

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New to the focus (2005 mk2).

i was driving all well and fine until it came to getting out of my focus, the drivers door wouldnt let me out. The top part of the interior lock seems to be stuck on lock and no matter what i do, (unlocking the car, pushing the lock in and out) it wont return to its original position. surprisingly it will still lock, but in order to get out of the drivers door, i have to wind down the window and open the lock by opening the car door from the outside.

following this, i thought the door lock was simply stuck, so i continued to pull the handle harder and the bottom part of the lock (handle you pull to get out), seems to have come unstuck but still wont let me out.

Wondering what i should do and if its possible to fix it cheaply?

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I appreciate it's a bit late for you, but I had the same problem, and the solution is actually really simple.

My lever appeared jammed locked. I had to wind down the window and open the door from the outside. The central locking still locked the door, but unlocking the system only caused a flicker on the lever. I spent an age looking for help on the internet, but no luck.

Thankfully the solution takes 5 minutes, 2 people and is fairly obvious when you see it.

Wind down the window.

The locking mechanism will be visible just below the internal window trim.

One person needs to open this gap (where the window was) gently pulling the internal door panel trim away from the external panel, only about 1cm.

The lock mechanism is a cable with a rod on the end. This rod sits into a socket (in a ball and socket mechanism). The rod can migrate upwards out of the socket, and get jammed.

Use a long screwdriver, put downwards pressure on the rod, and guide it back in to the socket.

Thats it, the lever should work.

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I am having the same problem with my MK1 but I dont see this mechanism, and it has been suggested on other forums to take out fuse 63 in out of fuse box, however my fuse box only goes to 62, any suggstions?


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