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Foc Run What Ya Brung Meet?

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Hi everyone,

Just pitching this as an idea for a meet/club competition, something I've heard been done in other clubs and would be a cool way for some to learn stuff about their cars and improve performance.

The first part is of course to meet other members of the club at a Run What Ya Brung event at Santa Pod raceway. Basically have a meet once we've all signed on and are ready to get in the fire up road. At Santa Pod they will allow club members to pair up against each other so we should all go through at the same time.

Now if you've never been drag racing or you've not done a RWYB before, it can be a bit daunting. But at the same time it is the most awesome thing to do. It's like the ultimate racing off the lights but completely legal.

The second part is that on every run you get a time slip. This will tell you how well your run went. Rather that 0-60mph stats you get how quick your reaction was, how fast you made it to certain parts of the track and what your overal speed and time was down the 1/4 mile.

Now it would be completely unfair to race an ST220 say against a 1.4 Fiesta, but of there are enough people interested we could get mini challenges against seperate models and or engine sizes. From there people could learn about basic performance gains, such as not over revving at launch and causing wheel spin.

It'll need a bit of planning but if there are enough people interested I'm willing to sort it all out, the other thing is setting a date. Sadly drag racing it very much weather dependant. They don't allow any racing in the rain. So planning this all for a few weeks time can be frustrating if it rains the day before. Seeing as we're rapidly running out of this year, it might be something that we could kick off next year and have a couple of them each year.

Let me know what you guys think, it could be a right laugh and a good way of getting to meet and know others in the club.


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