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Foc Forza 4 Driving Challenges


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When I first joined FOC, we had a thriving Forza racing community going. The night when 12 beautifully liveried Fiestas all written up with their FOC gamer tags raced was epic.

It is time for us to revive the tradition I think, but seeing as it got harder and harder to get everyone together at the same time, I thought I would steal detailing World's time attack style challenges.

So - here's the deal, Anyone can post a challenge at any time. They set the rules regarding track, car, assists etc - post up their own best attempts and then everyone has a go at beating said time.


I love the Nurburgring, I spend hours on it, but setting clean times round the full circuit is so time consuming that I decided the stages were the place to start.


I've put up times for stages A-D, feel free to try them all. As far as I am aware, there is only one set of light/weather conditions for the ring on Forza 4.

Assists -

ALLOWED WITHOUT PENALTY: Traction Control (because it's now being used by most of those with the fastest times in the world around the ring)

Manual Without Clutch (because anything this tuned would probably be running a sequential box, and most people don't have clutch pedal boards)

Racing Line Braking Only (because it makes really fast times much more accessible)


Stability Control (+5% on time)

Auto Gearbox (+5% on time)

ABS (+5% on time)

Full racing line (+5% on time)


Everything else - don't even think about using auto braking and the like!

Clean laps only are allowed - so if it's got an exclamation by it, it doesn't count. I would suggest that everyone who takes part adds everyone to their favourites or friends so we can keep track.


X Class - anything goes

R1 998 Class

R2 875 Class

Unlimited Fiesta Class - Ford Fiestas only, no limits on modifications. Please declare your Fiesta's PI.

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Stage A

Claridan (DanGull): 1:33.633

Peejay1977: 1:36.864

Stage B

Peejay1977: 1:35.295

Claridan (DanGull): 1:35.334

Stage C

Peejay1977: 1:50.244

Claridan (DanGull): 1:53.166

Stage D

Peejay1977: 1:54.998

Claridan (DanGull): 1:55.666

R1 998 Class

Stage A

Peejay1977: 1:37.915

Claridan (DanGull): 1:41.000

Stage B

Peejay1977: 1:36.396

Claridan (DanGull): 1:38.483

Stage C

Peejay1977: 1:50.761

Claridan (DanGull): 1:52.867

Stage D

Peejay1977: 1:55.299

Claridan (DanGull): 1:57.350

R2 875 CLASS:

Stage A

Peejay1977 1:44.655

Claridan (DanGull) 1:44.700

Stage B

Peejay1977 1:43.219

Claridan (DanGull) 1:44.867

Stage C

Peejay1977 2:00.654

Claridan (DanGull) 2:02.617

Stage D

Peejay1977 2:04.140

Claridan (DanGull) 2:10.850

UNLIMITED FIESTA CLASS (please declare your car's PI)

Stage A

Peejay1977: 1:53.947 (R3 761)

Claridan (DanGull): 1:56.133 (R3 762)

Stage B

Peejay1977: 1:52.296 (R3 761)

Claridan (DanGull): 1:59.117 (R3 762)

Stage C

Peejay1977: 2:14.751 (R3 761)

Claridan (DanGull): 2:20.750 (R3 762)

Stage D

Peejay1977: 2:17.320 (R3 761)

Claridan (DanGull): 2:22.783 (R3 762)

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I'll have a go of this later, as we're on a ford forum don't you think it would be a good idea to see who can get the best fiesta times? Just a thought

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The one thing I remember about GT before finding Forza was crashing into a wall at 150mph and the car being undamaged! The best part of it was the licenses

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Ok, I've just had a quick go using the Pagani Zonda R which I don't think is a DLC. Its 875, no aids except manual without clutch and the braking line. ABS and TC off.

Stage A - 1:44.830

Stage B - 1:43.370

Stage C - 2:02.282

Stage D - 2:05.342

All times clean. Gamertag - peejay1977


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New classes added.

I really wish we still had the Forza 3 function whereby you could race the ghosts of anyone on the leader board. Anyone know if this is possible in 4?

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X Class :

Stage A - 1:36.864

Stage B - 1:35.295

Stage C - 1:50.244

Stage D - 1:54.998

R1 Class :

Stage A - 1:37.915

Stage B - 1:36.396

Stage C - 1:50.761

Stage D - 1:55.299

Fiesta :

Stage A - 1:53.947 (R3 761)

Stage B - 1:52.296 (R3 761)

Stage C - 2:14.751 (R3 761)

Stage D - 2:17.320 (R3 761)

Good god that Fiesta handles like crap! I came so close to turning on the traction control with the X and R1 cars but I managed to resist lol


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