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MK2 Centre Console vent/sensor thing - what is it?

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Newbie question - Focus TDCI LX 06 plate MK2

Anyone know what the small vent/sensor thing is which is in the middle of the row of buttons, to the left of the heated rear windscreen button in the centre console? it looks like it could be for a microphone, vent, temp sensor or something. Can't see anything in the manual about it or on the net. I was thinking about putting my handsfree mic behind it when i fit it. anyone know what this thing is or have any suggestions where the best place for the mic would be? alpine suggest putting it low down in the centre console facing up towards the windscreen so i thought this might be a good place.


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Have you got climate control? If so, then it's where the interior temperature of the car is sensed and stuff like the fan speed and vent position adjusted if the air con system is set to auto.

If you haven't got climate control, then it's probably not used - but all the same, I would position your handsfree mic elsewhere, either on the roof lining near the interior light or at the top of the A-pillar.

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Thanks for the replies and the advise. Mystery solved.

you should have a big circular grill in front of inetrior light THAT IS where the Factory Fit mike is fiffted for BT handsfree see pic 1 the black switch on left electric sunroof

I have Auto Aircon and Alarm

The alarm sensors are each side of the interior lights by next to Submarine lighting ( orange night lights see pics 2) looc carefull end of interior light the black dot is alarm and the Orange dot is Sub Light Pic has Flash on so light looks dim

but still not sure if the thing you mention is the sensor Could be for aircon BUT I have dual ZONE DEACT air con so it should have a sensor each side i would have thought may be just one sensor on auto temp control




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Thanks for the pics Ivor - it is the lx model i have and doesn't have that grill bit near the interior light where the hands free mic would go

appreciate your help all the same

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