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Ford Powered Kit Car

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I have a westfield SE kit car that is powered by (i believe) a 1600cc Sierra Pinto engine which has been bored out to 1700cc. I would like to do some work on the engine but i don't know the year of manufacture of the engine or the actual verified model.

Also i was wondering if the fact that it has been bored out would make any difference to any of the parts i.e. spark plugs, distributor etc. etc.

The only information that i can find on the engine are the following numbers

  • T20
  • T11M6015BA

I would be very grateful if anyone could decipher any of the numbers above so that i can find out exactly which model / spec the original engine was

Also when i do know the engine model i would also be grateful for any tips for how to up the performance. The car already has twin 40 carbs and a fast road (or rally) cam.

Many thanks in advance for any help

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The most common size for a pinto engine is 2L, they made 1.8s and 1.6s, but they were realatively rare

it seems strange to bore out a 1.6 pinto to 1.7, when 2.0L is so common

i think it is more likely that its a x-flow engine - the 1.7 overbore would make more sense

post a picture of the engine if i cant tell you what it is someone else will!

How to make it faster - stick Cosworth YB in it and tune it to 400 - 500Hp with the (light) weight of the Westfield should have an "adequate" turn of speed!

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I think that should be 711M6015BA. Are you sure its an overhhead cam Pinto engine. The T19 castings were used on Mk2 Cortinas which were overhead valve engines. I guess the T20 casting was used no later than the early Mk 3 Cortinas.

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