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Wheel Noise


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Hi All,

I have been having some slight wheel noise coming from the rear/nearside wheel and today I popped some new boots on the back wheels and whilst doing so the mechanic commented that the wear on the rear/nearside wheel was really uneven which after seeing it, it was.

It was suggested that this could have been down to a faulty tyre but also mentioned that maybe the bushes had gone on that side. My question is, has anyone else experienced this? and if it is the bushes where are they and how would I tell if they were split or shot?

Now the reason for asking is that even with the new tyres on I can still hear the noise coming from the rear...it is not major noise but more of a low frequency noise (not sure if I'm explaining it right) however there is no pull or wobble in the wheel whilst driving...I have also jacked it up and spun the wheel to see if I can see any unevenness in the rotation and I cannot and I have tried to rock the wheel and there is not give there either.

Any advise anyone can give would be well received.

Thanks - Jason :)

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Hi Tom,

Thanks for the reply and info.…I did post in another section as well and got similar advise and will hopefully be getting it checked out this week


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