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Buttons Not Working On Ford Focus Cd Radio Model 6000


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Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone could help.

I have a 51 plate ford focus black and am having problems on and off with the radio.

Every now and then the buttons will stop working on the cd radio the only button that will work is the on and off button/volume control. This stops working for random periods of times (usually a few weeks) and then will start working again fine for a few weeks. This obviously results in you being stuck on whatever CD or radio channel your listening to during the period the buttons don't work (very frustrating)!

The above has been happening on and off for about a year now and when the buttons don't work on the unit itself they also do not work on the ones mounted on the side of the steering wheel.



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Check that the cables on the back of the radio are connected correctly.

Another problem could be that one or more of the buttons are sticking causing other buttons to be overridden.

You may have to carefully remove the front cover of the radio and check that all the rubber membrane contacts are clean and free to move against the buttons on the circuit board.

Try a fine silicone spray on the contacts to stop them sticking.

At the worst you may have a duff button not returning to it's neutral position.

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I am a bit reluctant to take the radio out to do anything unless I know for sure.

I have read elsewhere of this problem and others have removed the radio cables and replaced them which resulted in them needing to put the code back in because of the power being lost of course the buttons then do not work resulting in them having no radio at all.

Thanks for your post


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