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Kerbed White Alloy


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this morning i kerbed one of my white alloys which im really annoyed about, its not that bad but it still annoys me and i can notice it lol, its not worth taking it in to pay for it to get fixed, its not that big so can anyone think of a product or something i can buy to make it look not as bad, my friend seems to think you can get a pen thing for white alloys and you basically paint the scathes off

anyone help ?

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Tipex ;) aha. I'd be in exactly the same boat if it happened to me *touch wood* I've not seen sticks for wheels before. I know turtle wax doing a similar product for paint. You get a chip stick and a liquid that colours the chip the same colour as the car, this may work?

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Fear not my friend. I repaired my sons expensive alloy wheels on his MINI Cooper with this Planet Polish Alloy repair. Just rub the scratch smooth with the sandpaper, mix the filler, sand again till smooth then paint but you are going to have to spray yours white though. This stuff really works. He couldant see the repair!

Heres a link for you. Delivery is swift and a great product.


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Sod's law I've got a little mark on my alloy :( grr. I've been looking and do you think a Frozen white ford touch up kit would match the alloys?

Or does anyone know of anything better?



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