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2012 Focus Titanium - Steering Wheel Controls Not Working


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Hi all,

collected my car today and realised on the way home that the steering wheel controls weren't working. The ones under the wheel that control the cruise (left hand side) or the telephone (right hand side) work fine but the navigation ones on the wheel itself (left or right) do not.

Anyone with any ideas?

I called the dealer back but they're unable to help me till Monday now. :(



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Figure of speech.

Stamp your feet and be very displeased and hint you want compensation for the inconvenience and hassle.

You may get some form of compensatory apology.

Worth a try anyway. :D

If that don't work, drive the car through the show room window and say your returning it.

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"Complaining" is already on the cards guys, fear not, it's just Monday onwards unfortunately. I just wondered if I was missing something, like they'd been disabled or a reset would cure it (I disconnected the battery for a few mins to make sure and it didn't help - found out where the passenger compartment fuse box is though and got my first Focus war wound as it's awfully tight up there).

Means the display in the dashpod is stuck on odometer miles and I can't change anything on there. Central screen can be controlled via the centre console though. PITA. :(

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