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key fob pats prgramming problem

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Cant be, mine definitely had no chime and I've programmed my jag key myself. I do believe however, if theres no chime after turning ignition to position 2 4 times in 6 seconds to programme central locking that means that parts disabled using the keys.

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I haven't programmed a key the old fashioned way myself for a while now but am sure it only chimes after you press and hold the button on the key you're programming

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Kl kl. Well if its not chiming for him then looks like its a trip to the dealers or sum1 with diagnostic equipment ;)

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Hi Guys,

Just to update you - I changed the key fob for one with the exact same part code as I one I already had and working. This time the PATS programming stuck! I programmed it using the normal instructions and its starting the car all the time now. My problem must have been because the fob I tried first with a different part code was not compatible.

Thanks for all your advice has saved me a trip to the dealer which is always good!! :-)

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I have just bought a second hand fob from ebay it doesn't have a new key blank as yet, its just the remote fob. I have sucessfully programmed the fob so that it can open and lock the doors remotely from the fob.

The problem I am having is I can't get the fob to start the engine with the existing key shaft from another key that is already paired.

I have followed the instructions of using two existing paired keys and putting them in one by one switching from 0 to II on the ignition to get me into the pats programming mode. As I am only holding the remote key fobs onto the key shaft it allows me to quickly swap the paired key fob over with the one I bought off ebay. I turn this from position 0 to II and remove the key.

Then I wait a while and try the new fob, it starts the engine, but it takes a few seconds longer than the working key would normally take to start the engine, but it does start the engine eventually.

The problem I am facing is that the key from eBay will only start the engine ONCE after I have run the pats programming procedure. After that it fails to start the engine anymore.

I then read about erasing all other keys apart from the original mercedes benz parts paired two, so I tried that hoping that the car already had known keys to it and it wasn't allowing the new key to be paired.

I ran the procedure in the book for erasing the other keys, then I re-ran the pats programming to pair the ebay key but I'm still having the same issue, the key will only ever start the car ONCE!

Any idea what I might be doing wrong or what could be the problem?

Your help would be very welcomed.

Thanks. (sorry for the long post!

I have this problem long time ago. I even ask my uncle about his programming skills but none of them helped me.

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