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Smax Battery Drain

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I keep coming across some similar topics, but never seem to find the answer.

The battery on my SMax reptitively drains very quickly. I have had my 2007 Smax Titanium 2.0 TDi for nearly 2.5years, so just 6 months to run on my warranty and I am desperate to get the problem sorted and at Ford's expense! The problem has occurred numerous times over the last 2years and every time I take it back to ford they have a play and tell me they have solved it or blame it on me leaving the lights on.

Now the battery is fine (according to the AA who have been called out 30 plus times to start my car) and I am not going mad yet so it is not me leaving the lights on.

Some strange things happen with the lights e.g. I can park the car up at night, turn all lights off and then return to the car an hour later and my right indicator / parking lights will be on. I can also put my keys in the ignition and the indicator light will be flashing even though the indicator lever is off. Ford replaced the indicator lever last time claiming it was faulty thinking that was solution. However, two weeks later I have just dropped it back to Ford Dagenham in Hounslow with another flat battery.

All help welcome. Thanks

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Early S-Maxes had problems with the alarm module that caused the battery to drain I'm suprised they haven't checked this

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First - the parking light/indicator issue suggests you have a faulty indicator stalk - quite a common problem - as if you park the car up with the indicator left on, it will leave the parking lights on for that side.

Second - there is a TSB article about battery drain on 2006-2007 s-max's which your Ford dealer should know about. It requires a software update to be applied to sort it. Does you dash cluster stay lit for some time after you lock the car?

You can download the TSB document itself from the smax owners club site and take it into your ford dealer and ask them to follow the instructions. That's what I did and it solved my battery drain issue.

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Will you update on how you are getting on as we are experiencing the same problem on our 2007 smax 2.0 Zetec. We are on the 2nd battery in less than 3 months!!! Looking at the history of the car it also had a battery fitted in 2009!!! We have had it checked for any power drains and nothings showed up. The alternator is charging and when battery tested it has enough volts in it charging at 14.5 volts which is plenty yet battery seems to keep going flat. Also when driving the vehicle occasionally the warning lights flash up on dashboard yet nothing is wrong car still drives fine and then they stop. Any ideas or advice will be welcomed thanks.

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Since doing the software update in the TSB document the issue is solved on ours. You are wasting money just replacing the battery without getting the update done as it will just happen again.

Does your instrument cluster power down as soon as you lock the car or does it stay lit for a while?

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