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Winter Tyres Recommendations Please!

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I'm off to Germany over Christmas and New Year by car. It is law in Germany to have winter tyres.

Can anyone recommend some good but cheap priced winter tyres?

I have a 2005 Ford Focus Ghia.

Thank you.

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Vredsteins are very good, but can be expensive, best to shop around, you can either go for the cheapest you can find, (probably a make you have never heard of) or go for a well- known make and pay a bit more (sometimes you get what you pay for)

It may be worth getting a set of 4 steel rims (eg secondhand on line) the tyres for the narrower, smaller rims may be cheaper than for larger, wider tyres, and they can be swapped over quickly if it snows in the UK, and if you are unfortunate to hit a kerb etc the steelies are cheaper/ easier to replace, and smaller dings can be hammered out + narrower tyres are better in the snow

Summer (regular) tyres (tyres designed to run in temps above 7 degrees centigrade)

Winter tyres (tyres with special compounds, to run on tarmac under 7 degrees c, may have better snow capability as well, usually not as economical as a summer tyre due to greater rolling resistance ) - these are the ones you want - they may have to be TUV approved to run in Germany legally

M&S (mud and snow), similar to all terrain -

All terrain tyre (with chunky tread, may be noisy/ less economical etc ) - normally for big 4x4s

Snow tyre - pure snow tyre - may wear out fast/ can be noisy/ uneconomical on tarmac

Studded tyre - special tyres for snow and ice with metal studs - very noisy/ should not be run on tarmac

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What do you call cheap and how much do you want to spend?

There are tyres for £60 that are rubbish and tyres for £63 that are highly rated.

I have fitted Michelin Alpin A4 to my Fiesta (195-50-15). The tyres cost me £62 each from Camskill and £30 to have them fitted.

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