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Heater Stuck On Cold

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Hi All,

Focus 2002 1.6 Ghia saloon Petrol.

The temperature control knob was stuck on cold, I physically could not move it across to hot.

I thought it might be a broken/seized/kinked cable but when I took the cable off at the knob and at the drivers feet I could see that it works fine.

With the cable removed (red arrow below) I can see/feel that the little black knob it attaches to (green arrow below) is stuck and will not move.

Does anyone know what I can try next. I've read elsewhere that the "Blend door" could be stuck. Anyone know where this is or how I can get at it to perhaps manually move it to warm? (It's getting pretty cold out now!). Should I try and remove the white piece in the picture below?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Remove the radio and surround (make sure you have the code first) and access the heater control from behind.

Look for a cable on a large black camwheel.

I suspect it is kinked or detached from the wheel somehow.

The cable should be hooked onto the camwheel at point A and a tensioning block for the cable sleeve should be clipped into point B.

A useful guide to removing the radio (ignore the half about fitting an upgraded radio).


This is what you're looking for-


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Yeah always store radio code as a contact on your phone.

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