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Which Should I Buy?

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we are looking to buy a vehicle to replace our present too small vehicle....looking at a focus...prob about 52/54 plate as budget is tight....have looked at the 1.8tdi and the 1.8tdci...what is the difference and which one is best in your opinion?also as we are likely to buy private what should we look for when viewing...........ie what are the common issues.....

also looked at the 1.4 petrol dont know if this is any better

as you can tell we are looking for efficency and reliability over speed....my wife presently works local but may have to travell 60 miles per day after xmas...

whats you advice...any help will be good....

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For commutes of that distance you're better off with the diesel.

The difference between a 1.8 diesel and a 1.4 petrol will be huge.

Road tax will be cheaper on a diesel and even though the fuel is more expensive, you will get far better mileage than a petrol.

Things to check will be a good servicing interval and if the mileage is about 80k that the cam belt and tensioner have been done.

Ford recommend 100k but that's a bit optimistic.

A good clutch and brakes is a must and check for any surface rust around the wheel arches.

Other than that you're good, the 1.8 diesel is the best engine in the range and very robust.

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thanks for that....we would prefer the diesel....which engine is best 1.8td di or 1.8td ci?????....any common engine faults ???leaks etc...

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The tdci is the most modern engine of the 2. As the say, with age comes improvement. As stated by stoney, cambelt etc will need doing, but make sure the clutch is good, as replacing this will involve changing the flywheel also, so can be expensive, but shouldn't put you off as they are generally a good strong car.

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Same as any car really, feel for a good biting point, smooth gear change, and with the clutch pedal pressed fully in, make sure you can't feel any rumble through your feet, as this can be a sign that the flywheel may be on its way out. Also press the clutch in with the engine running, and the door open, listen to the engine, then release the clutch pedal and listen again, any extra noise without the pedal being pressed is also a bad sign.

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