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12V Socket No Longer Working Also Lack Of Fuses?

Paddy H

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Been away for some time, very committed at work at the moment all i can say is Remembrance Day and Syria. Syria being the big one there.

Anyhow got in my car this morning, nothing from my 16v Socket (where push start usually is) then i checked the one in the armrest... Nothing there.

I assume its the fuse? Upon opening the Fuse box... Which is the 16v socket and what rating is it? They're labelled 'F' i think i can remember. Also... I have ALOT of empty spaces in my fuse box, could i be missing some essential features in my car or is there suppose to be gaps?

Hope alls well with you guys, will try get back active soon.


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Hope your socket isn't 16v or your car is different to others which are 12v :P

The fuse board always has gaps.

Usually if a fuse ain't there it ain't needed.

Anyway the fuse you need to check is number 109 and is a 20A rating

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Sounds a small stupid, if i swapped one of the 20A fuses around to try and see if it is the fuse while the car is turned off, i can't damage anything can i or blow anything... Being i use correct rating of fuse.

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You'll be fine, just don't forget where the original fuse came from, i've done that before with a 10A fuse and ended up disabling my immobiliser so the car wouldn't start.

All 20A fuses on your board will (or can) be-

101 - sunroof (if fitted)

109 - 12v power socket ;)

116 - fog lights

118 - rear n/s door module

120 - rear o/s door module

121 - heated seats (if fitted)

126 - key free (if fitted)

129 - windscreen wipers

134 - central locking module o/s front

135 - DRL (if fitted)

May i suggest 116 or 129?

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Just a quick thought, have you checked if you have any spare fuses in your fuse box lid under your bonnet?

Clive knows the right runnaround I had when trying to find a garage at night that sold mini blade fuses after one of my 10 amps blew.

Then not long after I found out I had spares under me bonnet the whole time:


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Clive thanks a ton, cleared it up for me. Brigante i know for sure i haven't got any spares but thanks for that. I didn't even realise this myself until i bought some new fuses when i first got my car. Little smart way put them.

So the new fuses i need are 'Mini blade fuses' is that correct gents.

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yup mini blade.

however, if you pick up a box that says mini blade, make sure they are in fact mini blade fuses in the box. definitely check this if your buying from halfrauds <_<

like when my fuse blew, shot to Halfords, asked for a box of mini blade fuses, was parked awkwardly cause of some eejit infront so i couldn't swap the fuses in the car park.

shot home, went to change the fuse, only to find this:


you can see the size of the 'mini' blade fuses they gave me in comparison to the my blown fuse that actually is mini

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Brigante thats funny. Just your luck ay. I appreciate all help from this. I understand if i had a manual or such it'd be easier and no need to ask but i knew id get answers here. Thank you both very much

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If the power socket fuse has blown you need to think what you last plugged into the socket that may have blown the fuse, there is normally a reason for a fuse blowing, they rarely just fail. :blink:

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Rub it in Clive.. I don't even have a MK2 manual let alone a 2.5 to wave around as well

Yup Paddy just my luck. Fuse blew at about 6 at night so the local spares store round the corner was shut, so I shot to halfrauds, was in a rush so when I asked for I box of mini blade fuses, I took what they handed me as what I asked for n didn't think to check.

Got home, went to change the fuse only to find they was far from mini.

This was the beginning of a 2hour run around to 6 different garages n supermarkets, only to find that every one of em only sold blade fuses with not a mini in sight. Drove home in a rage.

To add insult to injury, the next day I popped down the local spares store, and the conversation went 'Have you got any 10amp mini blade fuses?' 'Of course sir, 2 for a pound' was in n out within 5 seconds with the fuse I needed.

Then to truly rub salt in the wounds, about a week after I was having a random mooch under me bonnet. Picked up the fuse box lid, to find that I had a spare fuse in me car the whole &#33;Removed&#33; time n never even needed to go halfrauds, the spares store or the 6 other places.

Thought I'd share my pain to give you a little giggle at my expense ;)

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Hi, first post on here, so sorry if I get anything wrong!! Ive got a 2007 focus lx, 12v socket in the front wasnt working when i bought the car, took it to main dealer garage where i bought it from and they said it was a common fault where the socket shorts out if you touch the bottom and side contacts of the socket upon removing a plug. They replaced the fuse and it worked again. Now my problem, 12v socket has stopped working again so i checked fuse 109 in passengers footwell and its a 10 amp fuse that looks like it is still perfect!! Any suggestions please?? Not too technical please as im a country girl with basic working knowledge of cars n engines, but couldn't rebuild an engine!!! Lol, thanks in advance!

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Fuse 109 should be a 20 amp fuse for a start.

Often just because a fuse looks ok it doesn't necessarily mean it hasn't blown, they can be deceptive.

I use 'glow blow' fuses, thel light up with a small LED light when they pop for instant recognition-


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