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Mk4 Fiesta Questions

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I'm a new boy here; just registered today.

I have recently become the proud owner of a 1998 Mk4 Fiesta and would like to know many things.

I have to say to start off with that I intend to keep it as standard as possible but

How do I find out exactly what the colour code is? (burgundy ish is all I know so far)

What’s the best coloured scratch touch up kit for it?

Where can I get good standard fiesta alloys?

What are some good quality tyres? (my current 175/70 R13’s are going to need replacing in a few months).

Where can I get a rear spoiler, the little discreet one that sit over the top of the rear window.

I realise that this is a long list but I thought I’d get it al out there from the get-go.

p.s. this list will be extended as and when I think of other stuff.

Thanks in advance,


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Well i have also just got a 98 fiesta (first car - had it for 7months) and i can help you out on these.

1)To find the the colour code of your car i would check either your MOT certificate or your registration document. (Somtimes it is also in your car book.) If you still cant find it go to a local garage.

2)The best scratch touch up is proberlys from Halfords, with the coloured pen. A tip here is not to buy a cheap one, they dont work as good.

3)If your after standard wheels for your fiesta, i would go to a local salvage yard. You can get some really top qualiy gear at a decent price.

4)I have the exact size tires and to be honest i only buy michelin or goodyear tyres.

5)Once again try a salvage yard for a spoiler or even ebay, but if i was you i would not bother getting one, there is alot of work just fitting it, if your fiesta comes standard without one.

Any other questions just PM me ill be happy to help.

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right, i've got exactly the same car and ive fitted ford alloys, re-sprayed it and have a rear spoiler (not fitted).

the burgendy colour is called 'pepper red' and any body shop will be able to match it.

the wheels came from a scrappy and they were £80 with brand new tyres and they are the zetec alloys. (no reason why you can't find the same deal)

the spoiler came from the scrap yard too, luckily found one in the same colour so it didnt need spraying. i paid £20 for it but ive seen them for £100< in the past.

tar, Tom

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Best place to get standard alloys is the scrappy's. Unless your willing to pay 100+ a wheel at the dealers.

I got some nice alloys of a ford orion with 4 half decent tires on them for 50 quid. There on my sisters mk4. Car still looks standard but there not all that common so kinda stands out.

If you've got steel wheels on now your going to have to get different wheel nuts

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Like Deano Said, the colour should be on the MOT Certificate, if not look up the colours that your model comes in and you should be able to tell which one it is and then buy the relevent colour from somewhere like Halfords.

When i bought my MK6 fiesta it came with steel trims.

I found that Ebay was a great place to buy alloys i got 195/15R/50 with Turenza Bridgestone Tyres that came standard on the limited edition 06 freedom which had never been driven on for £102, when i looked up how much they would have cost to buy brand new i found out it would have cost me £700 for the set of 4 wheels and tyres!!!

Ebay is definatly worth a nosey at, if you search for them in a few different ways you can find poorly listed ones that often go cheaper than they should, which is how i got mine so cheap.

Hope this helps

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Fantastic. Thanks for the info.

I'll begin my searches now and hopefully save myself a bundle.

much appreciated peeps.

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