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Hi there everyone i am new to this site but could do with some advise please. I have got a 2007 SMAX 2.0 tdci and my steering seems to be making a whining noise like an electric motor all the time. The tone changes when I turn the steering and some times even stops briefly. I have taken it to my local garage and they have said that this is normal on these as it is an electric power steering pump and they all make this noise and that ford made them like this as when your driving its drowned out by road noise. I think this can't be true and was wondering if anyone else with a SMAX has the same problem, it has to be the 2.0 tdci ones as the 1.8 ones have the conventional belt driven pump.

Also I have noticed that sometimes it seems to lurch when the revs are a bit low in each gear, it doesn't like doing 30 mph in 4th gear and going round corners in 2nd gear i have to change into 1st when turning into a junction witch I have never had to do in any other car i have owned does anyone suffer or has suffered the same.

Many thanks for anyone who can help with these problems

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Hi Jpunter

check your fluid level.

sounds like it may be low.

happened to my mondeo.


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Hi Jupiter22

I have a 2007 2.0 tdci and I'm experiencing the same noises as you are, sometimes it's quite annoying but by the sound of things I may have to put up with, the fluid level is fine.

Regards Phil

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