Removing Wing Mirror Covers - Focus - 2.5 Mark

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Just had a spare 5 mins to have a look at how to remove the colour coded wing mirror covers, before thinking about carbon wrapping them to match my front lip.

I looked in the manual - turned the mirror right down to the bottom as far as it would go and think i could see the clip that holds the back on. But couldn't see how to remove.

What is best to use - a flat headed screwdriver? - Is this the only clip securing the back in place? How much force is needed and applied in which direction?

Any other tips would be fab.


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I'm not sure whether the mk2.5 wing mirror cover removal is different to the mk2 as they are different covers.

But with the mk2, it is just a case of a small flat blade screwdriver under the edge as you say and gently pop it up. Once you've popped the edge of the cover slightly away from mirror, you can get your finger tips underneath to finish pulling it away.

Usually the screwdriver isn't even needed as I just grip it with my finger tips n pull.

Looking at the back of a spare mk2 cover I already have removed and actually in the middle of carbon dipping, I can see theres a total of 5 small clips on the back of it. Don't know how this differs to the 2.5 though.

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I didn't even know there was a section in the Manual on it. Just gripped the cover and pulled :P

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