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Many Insurance Policies To One Car

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You can own a car (your name on the logbook) but not be insured on it, and say let your wife get cover on it, but then as far as im aware 'you' couldn't then go on the policy as a named driver. They usually want the owner to be the main driver. Also on another thing mentioned on here, if someone was to have 2 cars, both in their name, Fully comp on one with someone else insured on the other, you would not be covered by the 'third party' clause, as it states for cover to be effective you may drive a vehice NOT BELONGING TO YOU, leased or hired etc etc. Top and bottom of it is to make sure everyone has the cover they think they have, as the insurers seem to be good at moving the goalposts. And if that results in a roadside stop by your friendly police officer, and he tells you that you haven't got sufficient cover, and you reply Im so sorry,Im sure I was covered, the only reply you'll get is,,,,,, ignorance is no defence in the eyes of the law.

The original post has opened a can of worms, as it was a little confusing as to what he was actually asking. I may be incorrect on a few of my points, im no expert, but I do like to know where I am with stuff like this. So always check and check again :)

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Ah the intricacies of insurance.

Now i know why i didn't become a Traffic officer.

In situations like this i would always defer to someone who knows the twists of the system.

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" I'm not sure why you don't have your Focus and Fiesta on the same policy " ... other family members also drive my fiesta as a named drivers but i dont wish for them to drive my focus.. due to higher insurance catergory/their ages it it works out cheaper this way


"I'm afraid that after ("and you cannot drive a second vehicle that you own 3rd party on 1 insurance ...",) I got lost again!"

.. the vehicle your loaning has to have its own insurance before you can drive it on a 3rd party agreement via your own vehicle policy and it cannot be a higher insurance catergory.. (you couldnt tax someone elses car with your insurance the car to be insured must be named on insurance certificate used for taxing) -- 2 cars = 2 policies or a multicar policy on which both vehicles will be named

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