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...well, I've only gone a bought myself a new Mondeo Ghia X TDCi (130) (6), well new to me anyway. She's on on a 2004 plate with 117k on the clock. In relatively good nick for age with FSH and 3 months warranty, which is a bonus!

Anywho...on a previous post it was mentioned to blank off the EGR valve and I've serched this forum and there's lots of comment on it. So was just wondering if somebody could just clarify the situation for me?

  • is it safe to do, won't break my engine?
  • no imission issues for MOT?
  • is it easy to do for a low level DIY novice?
  • is there a 'how to' guide on this forum?
  • should i do it?

Hope somebody can point me in the right direction.

Many thanks


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For what I have read about blanking it off it's safe to do type it into google there is loads about it thinking of doing mine

Look on eBay you can get one off there easy to do undo 2 bolts slide it into place tighten back up job done

If you have a euro 4 engine you will get a engine Light on the dash as no flow to egr

Cause no damage to what I have read about it pass mot better for engine and mpg but not environment

Google it I would say easy job

Hope this helps


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HI John

Thanks for that, I think's it's a euro 3 model as the info that comes from it is the same as another post i read somewhere and that was confirmed as a euro 3. I also understand that a euro 4 has an electrical plug on it. I'll check it out when I pick her up tomorrow.

Think i want to do it if it reduces the black smoke, slightly increases fuel consumption and increases the power range, and if it does no damage then a good solid resolution alround.



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Always had the EGR blanked on mine, since before I had it so at least 2 1/2 years. never had a problem with it at all.

Give the inlet manifold and EGR valve a clean while you're at it, they get very grubby with all that waste gas passing through them and choke the engine a bit.

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Check on etis website to confirm that it's a Euro 3, there have been a few rogues out there with Euro 3's on 55 plates and Euro 4's on 53 plates!


I had it blanked on my Mondeo, more so as a preventative measure and can only recommend it. Never bothered cleaning out the inlet manifold, for no other reason than I couldn't have been arsed, but I never had any issues. Do it!

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HI gforce

Which bit on etis tells me that it's a euro 3 or 4, i believe i've seen somewhere else on this the same results as me and I'm sure it was identifeid a a euro 3.


Primary Features Build Date: 14.04.2004 Vehicle Line: Mondeo 2001-2007 Body Style: 5 Door Saloon Version: Series 56 Engine: 2.0L Duratorq DI CR (130PS) Transmission: 6 Speed Manual Transaxle - MMT6 Drive: RHD FWD Axle Ratio: 4.071/2.850 Emission: 2000 EEC (EEC 7) Air Conditioning: Automatic Air Conditioning Territory: (+)"GB" Paint: Machine Silver (Metallic) Interior Colour: Ebony Interior Interior Fabric: Verona Grain Leather



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I think everyone has covered this well - here is my tuppence worth

There is a lot of misinformation on the net about this, often you hear "why did Ford/ etc fit EGR valves/ systems in the 1st place" / you need them for the MOT (not on diesels) etc - i think it is ignorance/ fear of the unknown that prevents people from fitting the plates, overall you are better with a blanked/ disabled EGR valve system than a working one, on a diesel.

Taking the dirty waste gasses from the exhaust and feeding it back into the inlet (even in small amounts) is never a good thing - and un-nessesary on a diesel engine IMO, and i think most engineers/ tuners would agree.

Yes, its a good thing to blank the EGR valve, a solid blanking plate can "fix" a faulty EGR valve

A replacement EGR valve can cost 100s, it may have to be replaced several times (4 times, in one case) during the liftime of the vehicle - a blanking plate costs about a fiver

A Euro 3 should be able to be planked with no problem, a Euro 4 may put the engine fault light on (EML) (sometimes after quite a long time/ or soon after the EGR is blanked) but normally does not cause any other problems, the light staying on can be annoying (to some) but this can be ignored or can be reset with a suitable code reader (some drivers do this once a week)

EGR blanking plates have been made with holes in them,(to let the gasses through) in an attempt to stop the EML coming on, these cannot be used if you have a faulty EGR (solid ones can) and defeat the purpose of the blanking plate

So solid (no holes) blanking plates are essential, stainless steel (mild steel can rust, aluminium can melt - its exhaust gasses) and a decent thickness is preffered (3+mm or thicker, )

Once the blanking plate is fitted, apart from "fixing" faulty EGR valves/ systems and preventing problems in the future, it prevents carbon build up in the inlet manifold (best to clean this out) and potentially improves the reliability of other components (eg - the turbo inc. turbine/ variable vane mech/ actuator - by reducing smoke output/ carbon build up )

Fitting a blanking plate can reduce flat spots, turbo lag, and improve throttle recponse, performance and economy (a little bit) - as engines run better on clean, fresh cool air rather than burnt, warm carbon.

Fitting an EGR blanking plate will not cause a UK MOT fail, and often helps (by reducing smoke- only particulates are measured - 2012/2013)

So its a bit of a win- win situation pro solid stainless steel EGR blanking plates

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