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Space Saver Wheel For S Max

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Hi I am new to this site and have just bought a newish s max Titainium 2.2 with, as usual now days, no spare wheel.

Having previously owned and suffered the consquenses of driving a car with the usless gunk they give you to repair flats I would like to carry a spare, preferably a space saver. I have been told that a Mondeo space saver wheel would fit, but also told that this is incorrect but a Kuga space saver would be suitable. My wheels on the s max are 225x 50 x 17. Anyone help please

Thanks Samstat

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A Mondeo mk1 or mk2 will not fit, or a Focus mk1 because they are 4 stud wheels/ studs

The mondeo mk3 or 4 offset/ stud spacing will probably fit, the full size mk3 spare/ steel wheel is 16", as is the spacesaver - the problem MAY be that the 16" wheel does not fit over the front brake disc/ caliper of your car

So you may need to find out if a 16" wheel will fit over the front brakes

The (Ford Mondeo mk3) spacesaver weighs 11kgs, but is legally speed restricted, and, in my opinion, dangerous in the wet/ can make the car handle badly, the spacesaver wheel/tyre is often more difficult to aquire and more expensive than a full size steel whee/ tyre and a raplacement spacesaver tyre will be more expensive to replace too

A full size (16") wheel and tyre weighs 17.4kgs (only 6.4kgs more than the spacesaver) is not legally speed - restricted, the grip handling should be safe/ good, and it should be cheaper/ easier to buy (replacement tyres too)

So you may be better off with a full size spare, rather than a spacesaver, on balance

Another option is to obtain another wheel/ tyre the same as the ones on your car (you never know when you might damage a wheel - having a matching spare is not a bad thing) - this is probably going to be an expensive option though - and alloys can be heavy (typically 20 -22 kgs, wheel & tyre)

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