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Are You Getting A New Car For 2013?

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Hi all, I've ordered a new ford focus Titanium (125)ps 1.6 Powershift.

It's a great car except the option packs for the 1.6 powershift are not available! :blink: eg: DRIVER ASSISTANCE PACK, & CONVENIENCE PACK!!! the 2 best pack's :angry: . And of course all new focus's come with the newly improved ELECTRIC POWER ASSISTED STEERING, BUT NOT THE 1.6 POWERSHIFT!!!!!! :angry: There are two 2.0 diesel powershifts and you can have any of the packs and the elec steering, <_< but why not on that 1.6 powershift. :blink:

I'm afraid the sales people weren't technical enough to know why.

If anyone knows why pls tell/explain

Thanks all

It could be for technical reasons eg - the electrical system (alternator/ battery etc) can only supply so much power, adding extras like electric power may exeed this

The powershift may take extra power out of the electical system

the 1.6 may not have the torque to drive a larger alternator and it would cost too much to upgrade it just because somone specified extras, and it would have a negative effect on performance/ economy

the diesel may have a "beefed up" alternator and larger battery (the torque of the diesel can drive a "bigger" alternator and a larger battery is nessesary to start the diesil engine - because of the glow plugs and high compression)

(many drivers prefer the "feel" of hydralic steering over electric anyway, and often the "performance" versions of cars have the std electric power steering replaced with hydralic - its only recently that electric has achieved the "feel" of hydralic)

It may be for phisical packaging reasons or you may have to go for the premier models rather than entry-level to get the best "goodies", even as an option

Much of this is speculation on my part - there is a chance at least some of this is right

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