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Carl Horn

Interior light & side mirrors not working

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Hi all,

I have a slight problem with my Ford Focus V reg - the other day my interior light stopped working so I tested the bulb to make sure that was ok and it was fine. I then looked through my manual to find that the side mirrors are on the same fuse, so I tried them and they weren't working either.

I checked the fuse behind the glove box to find it had blown so I tried another one in there but it's still not working.

The fuse guide is different in the glove box compared to the one in my manual - which one do I read from?

Anyone have any ideas on how to get it up and running again?



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i've got a focus v reg aswell.

just read from the fuse box. It should have diagrams on it to indicate which fuse is used for what. my guess is that you took out the wrong one.

i would double check

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Fuses don't normally blow for nothing. If you've just replaced the fuse, and it blew because of a problem, then the replacement fuse will almost certainly blow as well.

The fuse you replaced - have you checked it again to make sure it hasn't blown straight away?

Just checked my Mk1 Haynes manual and it does say fuse 35, 7.5A. I've also checked the Mk1.5 manual and that says the same. Too dark to go check the diagram in the car at the moment but a lot of the symbols on there are a bit non-descript. I'd stick my neck out and say its definitely fuse 35.

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I'm managed to fix it - when I was trying before I was taking the working fuse out of number 36 and putting it into number 35, but today I put the working fuse in number 36 and purchased a new fuse and put that in 35 and it worked. My dad thought that it should have worked if there was a working fuse in number 35 anyway

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36 is for electronic modules. Chances are the central timer goes through that circuit, the central timer controls the courtesy light. Also 36 is a 20A fuse. Never a good idea replacing a blown 7.5A fuse with a 20A one. You could have caused yourself a serious fire there had the fuse blown due to a fault.

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