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I would really appreciate the opinions and personal experiences with oil:

I personally have used the 5W-30 magnatec, then this oil change I decided to try the 5W-30 Edge.

(Obviously keeping it the same grade)

Now I have read around and heard very promising things about Edge- some saying it is a true 'fully synthetic' and that is performs much better than magnatec, including much higher quality properties,

And as expected a higher price tag. However smoothness, quietness and performance should all be improved.

So being the same grade I decided to try it- now I understand this is not what ford recommends- and I know they know better than I, but we all want the best for our cars, we are all enthusiasts are we not?

so I saw no harm in trying a 'better quality oil' now part of me admittedly feels foolish for not sticking to ford recommendation, but another part of me feels that is just a marketing ploy, so using a higher quality of oil (exceeding recommendation) it is the same grade so it seems like no harm.

So to my personal experience, having changed the magnatec for the edge there was an immediate and noticeable quietness of the engine from the exterior and even more so from the interior especially on idle.

Taking it out for a drive I noticed on idle engine vibration had drastically been reduced this was the biggest noticeable difference,

In terms of performance- it’s too hard to tell whether the the oil is bringing any performance due to new: sparks/ oil filter/ air filter.

Overall I am very pleased with the smoothness and refinement I am experiencing from this oil.

Any light shed upon other oil brands, what do you use or prefer? What’s the best?

Or thoughts toward my decision of Castrol edge would be greatly appreciated, do you agree with my logic or do you think I have made a poor judgement call?

Please let me know your thoughts, thankyou


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Could the improvement you perceved just be because you replaced old oil with new?

There was a test done on Millers nanodrive oil for the Focus ST (and Vauxhall Astra VXR) which saw a 24 bhp / 45 lbft rise midrange through just replacing the oil with a more "slippery" one so there might be something in it. (Although the peak performance was reduced)


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i would say smoothness and protection of the engine is about the only thing i can think would do to the car

performance would be very little... maybe if it was old mineral oil based over synthetic perhaps

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