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Boot Opening Randomly Whilst Driving


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This issue just started yesterday

I've a 1.8 2001 zetec focus, can anyone advise of a solution for this?

Whilst driving you can hear the lock opening and closing alot, yesterday the lock opened as soon as i turned the ignition

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I can only reaffirm what stef said. Start off by opening the boot lid with the switch at eye level, take a flat blade screwdriver and slot it in and start to prize the rubber cover away, you may find that you start to leak some water at this point. Once you have opened it, start by spraying WD40 generously behind the rubber cover andthe replace the cover securely.

This is a few minutes job, and should give you a fairly instant result. Let us know how it goes!

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This is a common MK1 Focus fault, the wiring in the rubber conduit between the roof and the hatch get brittle and snap after flexing continually.

The wires will need patching as water gets into them and causes the shorting.

A break will be very obvious as the wires will be too flexible.

I reommend you do it pretty quickly as the shorting will blow your boot lock solenoid (not a big job to replace but is a faff to do) and can result in blowing the rear wiper motor, rear demister and third bake light as well. (i am speaking from experience).

In the short term i recommend you disconnect and isolate the power feed to the boot lock and as above spray the conduit with WD40 then get the wiring checked and repaired.

With the wires detached the boot won't open on the dash button or by remote but will still open manually with the key in the lock.

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^^^ I had similar when my washer pipe split that went through that rubber tube... Check that too, as early ones were plastic, and they later changed to rubber...

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