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Fiesta Mk4 1.25L Zetec Timing Belt Renewal

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Hi all, new to the forum,

Planning on changing the timing belt on 1998 1.25L Petrol Zetec engine.

Gathering tools and info at the moment and the info i have at the moment is as follows:

Bought Draper 61262 Camshaft/ Crankshaft locking tools, (Flat bar & TDC Crankshaft pin)

currently looking for flywheel locking tool for this engine,

currently looking for camshaft sprocket counter torque holding tool

considering on buying a Haynes manual for torque specs etc

As far as i know, the crankshaft sprocket is floating as well as the camshaft pulleys, So therefore i will need a torque wrench and an angular torque gauge for the crankshaft bolt, as well as for the camshaft pulleys.

I think i will need a flywheel locking tool for when i torque up the crankshaft bolt (without TDC locating pin inserted). I think i will also need a camshaft sprocket counter torque holding tool, (am i thinking its okay to leave the camshaft locking bar in place whilst using the camshaft holding tool?)

I have air tools to remove the crankshaft bolt as I've heard that it can be tough to get off.

And once i have fitted new belt, tightened all respective pulley bolts, align the tensioner to correct tension, then i rotate engine 2 revolutions then re-insert the timing tools to check.

Any comments or tips much appreciated.

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Hi, think I'm going to buy a flywheel ring gear locking tool from Laser and remove the starter motor to fit this, just received the timing tools and Haynes manual for a bit of guidance.

I don't think i will try putting the car in gear and locking the brakes, i think that would damage the clutch and drive train to be honest.

All i need now is the camshaft pulley counter torque brace and a crankshaft pulley.

Once i get the TDC lined up with the locating pin then i can lock the flywheel and apply torque when i refit the belt, and as for the top end, i think i will fabricate a 'Y' joint flat bar with M10 or M12 bolts and hold the camshaft pulleys in place against the engine bay top support with a piece of wood underneath the holding bar.

Will post once i complete the work with pictures.

Thanks for reading.

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