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How Can I Prevent A Major Turbo Failure (Focus 1.6 Tdci 05)

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Dunno really... when I was thinking about doing the job I did wonder if I could get away with taking the sump off with the pipe in place, but as I always intended to tackle the turbo oil feed I didn't investigate. Its not accessing the bolts that's the issue, just the fact its just generally in the way. You could get under and have a look, measure the length of the 2 studs vs the gap between sump and exhaust, add a bit for manouvering and add a bit more for luck, and if the gap's bigger than the stud then I guess you might get away with it. You can access all the bolts with the exhaust in place I think, though tightening you should use a torque wrench...

Haynes manual Sump Removal section says remove cat section of exhaust in step #3. Ford's ETIS software doesn't mention it though.

Before I ordered any parts I made sure I would be able to get the exhaust off by undoing a couple of nuts etc, so if I were you have a look under and see what you think.

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Thanks Graham. I think if I'm going to the trouble of taking the sump off, I might as well check the banjo filter as well. Probably better to do that first as a base line and then just do the sump clean procedure every year after to be sure?

Just ordered the Haynes manual as it will always come in handy I fear!

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