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Andy H Dibley

Got Stopped By The Police Last Night....

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I've had my fair share of run ins with the local BiB when i was younger, back in 1977/8 I unforunately (Or should that be fortunately) owned a Mk 1 Escort, ex-police panda, smashing little car and didn't half shift well, well up to about 60 then it was topped out.

Anyway there was this one local Bobby that seemed to take great delight in pulling me over every time he saw me, he knew the car was legit, and that i was old enough to drive, (though some said i didn't look it at the time) and had the required licence, but not a time went by that when he saw me he didn't pull me over.

It came to a point that at one time i had collected about 10 HORT5's within a week for me to produce the required documentation at the local nick, and the desk Sergeant, would open his little window and say "Oh no not you again"

eventually I asked the sergeant to have a quiet word with his constable as it was getting beyond a joke, or i would take it higher up and complain in writing about his constable.

The upchuck of all this is that a few nights later i saw him, and was fully expecting to get a pull, but he just scowled at me and kept on walking

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Some 'Bobbies' get a bit power hungry and overstep their mark.

They either learn their lesson or get 'moved on'.

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There is one story that was related to me by my son, the four of them had rented a car to travel home, with my son and one of the others insured to drive, anyway my son's driving up the M1 having dropped one of the guys off at home when they got a tug from the traffic boys.

The car they were in was a left hooker with german plates, so Mr Plod walks up to the drivers window, and in his best pidgeon german asks, "Sprechen sie english", to which my son and the front passenger said, "Yes mate, ta very much" in a broad yorkshire accent.

Obviously expecting there to be a language barier the officer was taken aback some what and looked down to where my son had his wallet on his knee opened to show his military ID.

"Oh sugar" said the copper, "Your squaddies, Bog off and keep your speed down".

Somehow i don't think he wanted the paperwork

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starred swear words, sorry

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