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How Do You Get Over Spray Off Car Interior

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hi guys had a crash 2 weeks ago and got send it to a garage to be repair but picked it got it home to hoover it and noticed overspray on the plastic's and seats inside the car so took it back to the garage and they tried to it cleaned :lol: it but still not that good so going to have ago tomorrow anyone know any chemial's to get it off

thanks for help ryan :rolleyes:

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Door cards use a cloth and a very small amount of paint stripper and just be very careful obviously not to get any paint stripper on the car paint. The plastics externally you could try methelated spirits and again use a cloth and be careful. The methelated spirits should be ok if you get abit on the car paint but id keep a damp cloth handy aswel and just wipe the paintwork around the the external plastics aswell as youre cleaning them. It'll take some elbow grease but should work I've managed to get over spray of mine before using that and if you ever wax your car and get any on the plastics it works to clean excess wax off aswel. Mine looked horrible and white because whoever had been waxing it before had just been going right over the plastic trims. Like i say it might take 2 or 3 attempts with quite abit of elbow grease but usually works ok. Like i said just make sure you're realy careful with the paint stripper.

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Obviously apply the paint stripper and and methelated spirits to the cloth and rub it onto the plastics dont just pour it on lol

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